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Here is a "Sneak Preview" - a selection of pictures from within these beautifully illustrated books. To view just move your mouse over the main picture and navigation arrows will appear or simply left click on the thumbnails below.

  • M95 Mauser Carbine & Martini's
  • Boer Rifles - a selection
  • Boer War & ZAR C-of-Arms
  • Charles W. Whitburn, Railway Pnr. Regt & O'Okipe Vols.
  • de Wet - on M95 Mauser Carbine
  • EWS - on Aussie Carbine bg
  • H. Gilbert & Paul Kruger - on Lee-Enfield Butt
  • J L  Pretorius - on M95 Mauser
  • J.J. Diederiks - on M95 Mauser Rifle
  • Lt. O'Reilly, 5th VMR
  • M95 Mauser Carbines - all named
  • M95 Mausers & W-Richards Martini
  • NZ and NSW badges
  • Officer's badge OVS Artillerie Corps
  • OVS Coat of Arms
  • P. Eloff, Mafeking - on M95 Mauser
  • P.J. Pretorius, Vrijheid - on M95 Mauser
  • Sister Shappere - Australian Nurse
  • Veld Cornet N.J.S. Basson
  • ZAR & OVS Coat of Arms
  • ZAR Coat of Arms  on M95 Mauser
  • ZAR Coat of Arms on Martini
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